Some modifications and pictures of the Sea Eagle, a 1990 Macgregor 26S


General details of this boat

Putting a 2010 Nissan 9.8 hp four stroke extra long shaft on the boat with full rotation of the outboard

Electrical system note for a "medium" application

Experiment Trailer mod to eliminate the "Mac bump"

Mod to the water ballast access area (safety and pumping the ballast)

Off air TV plus DVD player (12 volt)

Experiment - main sail induced flat spot just behind the mast

Experiment forestay pinning stick - an alternative to the Johnson lever

110 Jib plus furler install

Experimental two chamber ice chest - keeps the food dry

Centerboard control from the cockpit

Three storage ideas inside the cabin

Electric ice chest powered by solar

160 watt solar panel rear mount

Opening the stern rail to make it easier to board from the aft ladder

Anchor rode box


Some trips to Lake Powell we did with this 1990 26S

Links related to this particular boat

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