General shots and notes on the Sea Eagle 1990 Macgregor 26S


Fish finder/ GPS using Ram adjustable mount set up to display boat speed and depth..

10 watt solar panel is permanently installed to trickle charge / maintain the battery through a PWM charge controller

Fish finder / GPS  /RAM mount in the anchor alarm position

Anchor roller - the one I have is possibly not long enough so I'm going to add a brace under bow roller to the bow of the boat. Its strong as is - but maybe not strong enough for worst case conditions.

I used to have some plastic storage bins mounted behind the ladder but if I spend many nights on the boat, my old joints need some extra room so this area is kept as open as possible.

Two six volt golf cart batteries in the V berth

High volume low pressure air pump runs off 12 volts and can be used to blow the ballast or blow up an inflatable raft

Pop top with cover converts boat to a fairly roomy RV mode. Pop top cover is made from an old boat cover and has no windows or ventilation - good as I use it mostly in the winter.

Seats are a plywood backing with foam and cloth cover simply stapled to the plywood backing. I got this idea from an internet forum and it was easy to do and has held up very well over a bunch of years.

Back rests are just a bunch of throw pillows. Door to the head was removed from the boat, the curtain in the picture (tied over to the side) is used for privacy

Wag bag head is removable - easy to replace with original type of head.

Sink plumbing was re-routed to the head.


In the picture below there is a wood strip with a purple stripe on it (see the arrow). This is placed in the cabin in a location that is as far away from the bottom of the mast and chain plates - which is where in the very unlikely case of a lightning strike, a side flash inside the cabin could occur. The reason for the "purple stripe"? So I can tell kids, guests etc to go sit under the purple stripe (one on each side inside the cabin). This is much easier than trying to explain where the bottom of the masts is or where the stays are attached to the boat, etc.


Removable 40 watt solar panel

Mount for 20 to 40 watt panel. Boat gets used in the winter where the sun stays low so it ended up being useful that this mount is adjustable for both azimuth and angle.