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Solar Space Heater  Used a discarded air heating panel to make a solar space heater.

Propane heater celing shield and black body radiator (experiment)

Photo links

Elevenmile State Park pictures

Sailing related picture sites

    Ice boating around Colorado and the west (from the defunct Ice flyer web site)

    Sailboat trips to Lake Powell

 Lake Havasu picture links

            Lake Havasu scenery shots

            Sailing Lake Havasu

            Sonoran Desert near Steamboat cove Lake Havasu

            Kayaking pictures Lake Havasu

                ..  Sailing /Kayak (Hobie AI) from PV to Castle Rock Bay

                    Sailing /Kayak (Hobie AI) near Bill Williams River National Wildlife area

Sailing related boat and boat modification projects

    Macgregor 26S modifications

Technical Stuff

         Surface ionization air to water (lightning related)

        Sailboat Mast charging due to Corona current in an Electric Field