Photographs from Elevenmile Reservoir,  Colorado


Located in South Park, Elevenmile Reservoir State Park is pretty much in the middle of the state of Colorado (between Pikes Peak to the East and the Continental Divide to the West). Elevation is just over 8500 feet . The lake is 3400 surface acre's and approximately 6.5 miles long and 1.5 miles wide.

From Backroads of Colorado by Boyd and Barbara Norton  "South Park is one of those special places in Colorado. The valley today has numerous large ranches. In my travels I've found few places to match it for scenic beauty. As a photographer, I especially appreciate the interplay here of storms, clouds, lighting, mountains and soft lovely land. There seems to be a never-ending variety of photographic possibilities. I once chased a rainbow for several miles between Fairplay and Red Hill Pass, finally capturing it on film as it arched above a small farm. Sunsets and sunrises here seem to have a special quality of intensity of color."

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New stuff

2020 pictures

Hobie TI sailing 2017, 2018

Fall picrures from 2017

Mid summer wild flowers around Elevenmmile from July 2015 

A weekend early June 2015 on the water and birds

On the ice 2014 - 2015

Winter to Winter (from 2013, 2012)

Four weeks of Fall Colors 2012

Water birds still around on the islands mid Sept (2012)

Kayak and sail kayak routes

MAP of the hiking/biking trails in the state park 

Pictures taken around the Elevenmile area

Lake shore picture set 1

Lake Shore picture set 2

Lake Shore picture set 3

Panorama shot set  (manual scan to see the entire shot)


Sailing shot set 1

Sailing shot set 2

Kayak and Canoe shot set

Fall color set 1

Plants and Flowers set 1

On the ice set

State Park picture set

Around the "village" and marina set


Mountain bike set

Animals (not exactly the wild ones) set

Ice boating set

Guffey Colorado set

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11 mile general store (also real-estate)



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