Hobie AI trip from hand launch area near where Palo Verde N ends at the lake and the marshy area on the Arizona side near Castle Rock bay.

Trip total distance 12.6 miles

Peak speed 9.82 knots

The day of this trip had fairly strong N / NW winds that came up later in the day making for really great Hobie AI conditions. I started off from the "Palo Verde North" launch in calm winds and headed North pedaling. I encountered both current and headwinds after about  four miles where the lake narrows but was easily able to make headway by "pedal sailing". To get to the "cliff area", you have to stay over on the Arizona side in the "island" area.

The four or five mile run back to the launch was straight downwind in white capping conditions (where I hit the peak speed while pedaling). The first part of this downwind run was through narrow marshy channels at about as fast as the Hobie AI would go. An adventure "water hike" like this is exactly why I like the Hobie AI!


At the launch spot. I had to carry the AI about 60 foot (in parts). Wheels would have made this a lot easier (which of course I had left at home)...